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Communauté de la Muette

Living and sharing reconciliation in and through 

Jesus Christ

We are a growing fellowship seeking to be local, Christian, and generous: local for the sake of respecting each other in our rhythms, responsibilities, and aspirations; Christian for its attachment to the larger Christian legacy; and generous because being in contact with Jesus-Christ sends us into motion.  


Our fellowship gathers all sorts of Christians and enquirers, united by the desire to live sensibility in their neighborhood. Notably, we count a number of Christians who assume their faith in a God who has spoken through the Holy Scriptures and who continues to speak through them – an ancient, evangelical, conviction that carries good news for today. 


At the moment, three fellowship groups gather together during the week at various flats across the 16th arrondissement.  These groups provide an occasion to be renewed by the reading of the Gospel and the encouragement of one another. 


Consider joining us!  Contact us for the details of our weekly meetings, or for information about similar opportunities available in English.  

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